MiShu Tea Bar
Tea & Fruit Juice
are the world's Most Healthy & Delicious beverages, mixing them makes a Perfect Drink!
That's why our slogan is #HealthLicious

We start with premium quality tea leaves from all over the world, brew them at the optimal temperature, then add seasonal fruit(s) of your choice. As a bonus, you can add Whipped Cheese topping for an even more exciting flavor! Beside the traditional Oolong and Jasmine Green Tea, we also offer Matcha, Lavender, and the world famous Thai Tea.
Signature Drink: MiShu Fruits Tea
Enjoy this Ultra Refreshing seasonal mixed fruits in your choice of tea: Jasmine Green Tea, Oolong, or Lavender.
For an adventurous taste, add some chewy Golden Peals (Bubbles, or Boba), and top it with our specialty Whipped Cheese cream.

What is MiShu?

Mi = Enthusiast, a person who is highly interested in a particular activity or subject Obsessed, Infatuated
Shu = Art, Fascination, Technique, Craftsmanship
So basically, MiShu's meaning is up to your wild personal interpretaion : )

How to pronouce MiShu?
PinYin - Mi2 Shu4
In Thai - มี๋ซู่ or หมีสู้ which sound basically the same

MiShu Beverages

1st MiShu Tea Bar in Thailand: Open Now! @ Rasa Tower 2 Lobby, Paholyothin Rd.