Northern Thailand hill tribes have been growing Arabica coffee plants for several decades. And just recently, these precious coffee beans became widely popular among coffee lovers around the world. Epecially from the highlands - such as Doi Chang, Doi Tung, Doi Wawee, and Doi Pahee, where we have been carefully & selectively source our green beans every year.

These "Doi's", or "Peaks", besides being well known internationally for their natural beauty and breathtaking scenery; they also offer the perfect coffee growing conditions (1,000 to 1,300 meters from sea level), therefore yielding the best Arabica coffee beans Thailand has to offer.

These green beans are then roasted in "small batches" by our Master Roaster, to ensure that Mezzo customers always receive the freshest products. On average, it takes 1-2 weeks for our coffee beans to get from the Roasting Plant to all the Mezzo Stores. With this attentive care to every step of the roasting process, every single roasted coffee bean holds very special Aroma, Acidity, and such Smooth Taste - qualities unique to Mezzo that our customers have been in love with since our very first store opening.

During the 1970's, the United Nations began encouraging the Northern Thailand hill tribes to grow coffee instead of opium (which they have been doing for many generations) - the project was so successful that Thai soil is now nearly clean! Today, we invite you not only to enjoy this best Thai coffee at Mezzo, but also to make a difference. To help improve the lives of these aspiring coffee farmers, and to help make our world a better place.